Kinda, Sort Of – Rachel Rozet

My niece wrote a book, y’all!

Buy it here on Amazon!

My niece, Rachel Rozet, and her co-author, Kate Luke, have published their first novel through The Polyethnic. It’s available on Amazon and through the publisher’s Web site,


Kinda, Sort Of is the story of Camryn and Jason, best friends since kindergarten, who face a romantic challenge now that they are in high school and their peers can’t accept that their relationship is strictly platonic. In order to stop the incessant teasing, Camryn and Jason decide to fake a romance so that they can break it off in front of everyone and end the badgering.

Alternating between the perspectives of the two main characters, the story is well-organized with steady pacing. The characters are charming, but not without their faults, which affords a more in-depth story. I was gobsmacked that this novel was written by two teenagers. The quality of the plotting, dialogue, and character development speaks volumes for their talent and is of the caliber I’ve seen in accomplished, professional writers. This is the type of story to appeal to a young audience, as well as an older audience who remembers the idealism of young love.


I really enjoyed reading about Camry and Jason. If you like an engaging story, I encourage you to check out Kinda, Sort Of. This one will make you smile.


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