All The Ways We Said Goodbye – Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White

goodbyeWhen these three women collaborate, the results are always stellar! I love to take a break and just relax with a good story by these authors.

The story spans three time points in history, following three different women, all of whom are linked together:

In 1914, Aurelie, descended from French nobility, has escaped Paris to a small village to stay with her father at his ancestral home. When the Nazis invade their hamlet, Aurelie has to fight to save the villagers from starvation. A German soldier starts to pay her special attention . . .

Later, in occupied France during WWII, Daisy, Aurelie’s daughter, becomes a member of the French Resistance. Family secrets come to light, and Daisy becomes deeply entrenched in a love affair and her husband’s dealings with the Nazis.

Then, 1964: Babs uncharacteristically flees to the Ritz in Paris to meet an American with ties to her late husband, Kit. Babs learned while her husband was ailing that his true love was La Fleur, a fellow resistance fighter he worked with in Paris during the war. She wants to learn more about this mysterious woman, who is revered in France as a brave spy for the Allies, and to find the truth about her husband’s role in the war.

All three of the stories intertwine, and I loved following the connections and revelations as they unfolded. The time periods allowed for dangerous situations for these characters to learn that when pressed they can muster the courage they need. Of course, some plot points were predictable, but the pacing was steady enough to keep me reading. The point of view among the three stories jumped around between first person and third person, which was sometimes jarring, but also helped me keep the time periods straight.

I’m always delighted to crack open historical fiction by these three women as I know I’m in for an enjoyable story with some twists and turns.

Many thanks to Edelweiss and HarperCollins for the advance copy in exchange for my review.

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